Dell SecureWorks – 10 Tips to Help You Minimize the Duration and Impact of a Security Breach.

The message from Dell SecureWorks re-enforces the message from other security resources, but the presentation available on BitPipe provides additional insight. The tips start and end with Incident Response.

1) Have a computer Security Incident Response plan in place before you need it.

The plan includes roles, responsibilities, and stakeholders; addresses compliance with key industry mandates; and addresses key attacks that may disrupt business.

2) Assess current Incident Response competencies.

Identify gaps and take pro-active steps to enhance capabilities.

3) Get full management and executive leadership buy-in on the Incident Response Plan.

Incident Response should reflect information security risk assessments and this should be an extension of the corporate risk assessment.

4) thru 9) Tips Representing Security Best Practices

The additional tips include cybersecurity best practices: (4) assess user privileges and accounts; (5) collect and analyze log data; (6) control traffic flows; (7) monitor network activity; (8) perform filtering for web and email; and (9) monitor DNS activity.

10) Apply threat intelligence to enhance Incident Response.

Attackers rarely limit their targets. This is an important step in raising preparedness.

Coordinated Response

Coordinated Response can help (1) develop an Incident Response Plan, (2) perform an incident response capabilities assessment, and (3) develop the risk assessment to support executive buy-in. Please contact us if we can be of help.

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