Coordinated Response
Services and tools for incident response management


Coordinated Response is an incident response planning and consulting firm.

Coordinated Response provides the services needed to develop or improve your incident response plan. We can start with plan development training and/or response plan exercises. Or we can go right to an assessment of your existing plan whether it has been formalized or not.

Incident Response Planning is (1) often a legal or regulatory requirement, (2) an industry standard or best practice, but it is also (3) good business. For more information see our highlight: Incident Response – Why Plan?

The following services help an organization develop or improve their incident response plan and program. All services employ the Response Management Framework

Offering Duration Summary
Response Plan Refresh or Development 8 to 10 weeks An agile review of incidents, impacts, response actions, and appropriate players results in an improved and socialized incident response plan.
Response Plan Review 2 weeks A limited review of an existing plan identifies gaps and provides recommendations.
Response Plan Exercise 3 to 4 weeks Start with a response plan review, but add a table top exercise of 2 or more incident types.
Response Plan Workshop 8 hours A 1 day work shop examines response planning along the four dimensions of the response management framework. Standards and best practices are referenced. The objective is to prepare a response team to development or refresh a response plan themselves.

Response Planning Seminar – The seminar is a half day program that covers the essentials of an effective incident response plan. We come to your offices with 2 instructors and provide detailed slides with extensive references. We discuss incident response standards and best practices. We examine public incidents and discuss lessons learned. This is a highly interactive seminar.

Response Plan Refresh or Development – If you need to develop a plan or simply update an existing plan, we use the Response Management Framework. We examine incident categories and types. We document the team members from daily participants to the specialist who participates occasionally. We establish an impact assessment and incident prioritization model. We help you organize and improve the processes and actions that support your plan.

Response Plan Review – We review an existing response plan, interview key members of the response team, identify gaps in the plan, and prepare a set of recommendations for improving the plan.

Response Plan Exercise – We also run response plan exercises. We start with your existing plan and together select 3 or 4 incident types to exercise. We recommend 2 half day sessions. On day 1, we run a table top exercise in a conference room. This is more of an interactive discussion with response team members addressing “what if”. On day 2, we run a functional exercise which is still in a conference room. But, this is a simulation. A situation is presented. Team members indicate their response and the facilitator provides new information so the situation changes and evolves.

Response Planning Workshop – This is 1 or 2 full days depending on the level of detail needed. The workshop builds on the themes above with more examples. It includes response planning exercises. We can even work with your existing plan if provided in advance. This prepares your response team to develop or improve your plan. For more details see Effective Incident Response Workshop.

For more information on any of this offerings please contact us.