Coordinated Response
Services and tools for incident response management

Join Us in October at the ISACA North America CSX to Learn More.

Your organization has a 50% likelihood of experiencing an insider incident despite deep investments in IT security. Insider threats include fraud, theft of intellectual property, data breaches and leaks, or malicious damage to IT resources. Most organizations that experienced an insider incident indicate it was more damaging than incidents involving hackers. You need the right plan and the right tools to detect, respond and recover from an insider incident.

Business Value

Verizon data breach investigations report indicates that any breach, insider or otherwise, if found early is 80% less likely to result in damage. Join us at the ISACA North America CSX to learn how to detect and respond to an insider incident.

North American CACS

This presentation complements the one we delivered in May at the ISACA North America CACS in New Orleans: “Preparing for a Data Breach.”


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