Coordinated Response
Services and tools for incident response management

Agile Approach to Incident Response Plan

Coordinated Response employs an agile approach to the analysis and publication of your incident response plan.

Whether you are refreshing an existing plan or creating a new plan, we iterate through your requirements moving from the general to the specific. We work through the cross plan connections using process flow diagrams. On each pass through the plan, more details are added. We use a 7 step process.

Seven Steps

We learn from your team and your team learns from us. We bring a fresh perspective to your organization. We bring experience gained with other response teams and other organizations.  As we complete the plan development, we identify key gaps that need to be addressed. Do you need to meet with your Internet Service Provider to arrange for incident specific services or to adjust the terms of agreement? Do you need to engage additional services or additional specialists?

For interested clients, we employ Incident Connect, our response management toolset based on Microsoft® SharePoint Server 2013. The tools let us instantiate your incident response plan in SharePoint. You see your incidents move step-by-step through the prescribed actions. You can run a desk top training exercise where both the core members of the team and the extended members interact with the plan. This provides you with a record of their participation and it often provides added critical input for the plan.