Coordinated Response
Services and tools for incident response management

Tools for Incident Response Plan Development

Coordinated Response has developed a set of tools based on Microsoft® SharePoint Server 2010 to support training exercises and desktop pilots. These tools can be expanded to support the automation and management of your incident response plan.

For interested clients, we build your response plan in SharePoint at the same time we are developing the plan with our agile approach. Once the incident response plan is fully developed, the prototype is ready for desktop training and pilots. Additional work is needed if the prototype is to be promoted for production support of incident response automation and management.

SharePoint provides key features that support incident response and case management:

•  Web and mobile user interfaces for flexible user interaction
•  Web server-based architecture to support multiple deployment models
•  Integrated database with extensive audit recording for compliance and review
•  Content management for control incident artifacts

In addition, the tools may be deployed on a client’s SharePoint 2010 servers and they are available through Office 365, Microsoft’s SharePoint Online offering.

We gladly provide a demonstration of our prototype.