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The Economist Urges Response Plan Development

Incident Response – Executive Awareness.

The Economist Intelligence Unit offers a valuable report for raising executive awareness:
Cyber Incident Response – Are Executives Ready?


This report makes a strong argument for incident response programs (Economist Intelligence Unit 2014). The Economist is recognized by most executives as high value information written with the executive in mind.

The Economist surveyed 360 senior executives. The key findings supported by the survey include:

· The frequency of cybersecurity incidents is on the rise.
· The emphasis on incident response is driving the formalization of plans and processes.

Despite the recommendations, nearly 40% of the respondents failed to plan and 35% lacked a formal response team. We can help address this.

The report is available on the Economist website:


Cyber Incident Response – Executive Awareness

Raising executive awareness on the importance of incident response planning should raise executive support. This is the first in a series of references that serve as tools for engaging your executives and gaining their support.

The full collection of references is available at this link: