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6 Key Ingredients to a Law Firm Data Security Plan

Jeff Norris, Senior Director of IT Security for Lexis/Nexis Managed Technology Services identified 6 Key Ingredients to a Law Firm Data Security Plan on the Lexis/Nexis Business of Law web site (May 2015). An incident response plan was one of those ingredients.

Data Security Key Ingredients

The following ingredients really apply to any organization evaluating their data security posture, not just law firms.

  1. Clear Policy and Training Plan.
  2. Accurate Inventory.
  3. Access Controls.
  4. Keep Software Updated.
  5. Review Liability Coverage.
  6. Plan for Incident Response.

The first 4 ingredients are about Protect – protecting your data. The last 2 ingredients are about Respond – responding to a cybersecurity incident. This is a clear recognition of the likelihood of an incident.

Coordinated Response

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The full article by Daryn Teague (May 2015) is available at this link:

Cyber Incident Response – Executive Awareness

Raising executive awareness on the importance of incident response planning should raise executive support. This is one in a series of references that serve as tools for engaging your executives and gaining their support.

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