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Incident Response – Executive Awareness.

The law firm of Baker Hostetler often assists clients in responding to cybersecurity incidents. The firm publishes an annual report: Data Security Incident Response Report 2015.


The 2015 report provides statistics on incidents by industry, a list of probable causes, descriptions of the adverse outcomes, and valuable recommendations. It provides executives with a sense of the risks and potential impacts.

The top 5 causes of incidents experienced by the firm:

  1. Employee negligence,
  2. External theft of a device,
  3. Employee theft,
  4. Phishing, and
  5. Malware.

Every company is at risk from these attacks.

The law firm identifies seven proactive steps to be “compromise ready”. The first step is to develop and exercise an incident response plan. The second step is to engage an experienced security consultant to conduct a security assessment. Coordinated Response is well qualified to help with these steps and more.

The full article is available as a PDF file at:


Cyber Incident Response – Executive Awareness

Raising executive awareness on the importance of incident response planning should raise executive support. This is one in a series of references that serve as tools for engaging your executives and gaining their support.

The full collection of references is available at this link:

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