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Eight Best Practices to Effectively Deal with a Data Breach

On the CIO Insight web site Karen Frenkel posted a slide deck that identifies 8 best practice for dealing with a data breach. The practices identified align nicely with the elements Response Management Framework.

I recommend the slide deck as a good device for a review and a discussion with your executive team.

Eight Best Practices for a Data Breach Response

  • Prepare and Practice to Make Perfect.
  • Don’t Panic!
  • Move Quickly, but Stay Patient.
  • Don’t Go It Alone.
  • Assemble the Right Team.
  • Get Legal Advice.
  • Someone Needs to Talk.
  • Identify Lessons Learned.

Coordinated Response

So apply these best practice as you evaluate and improve your incident response plan. Refer to our Response Management Framework for added insight.

Let us help you with a response plan review that considers your risk of a Data Breach.

A Note of Appreciation

Thanks to Jeff Mathis and the LinkedIN Cyber Resilient Community Dialog for bringing this to my attention.

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